Black River Imaging Is My New Go-To Resource For Fine Quality, Beautiful Products

uwd92As a photographer and artist, I have been searching for the best quality site for projects that require remarkable framing and formatting to showcase my images. What I am looking for is photographic quality that can be used to enhance and grow my my business. I was first impressed with the company black river imaging when told by a friend that they have been in the business of creating photographic and press products for more than forty years. I decided to place a small order and find out if they are as high quality and easy to use as they appear to be on their website.

I found that when perusing the website that the website was easily navigated and that it was simple and easy to place my order. I decided on purchasing a photo book to display and showcase some of my best Photographs. There were many unique and innovative options available that I had not seen available through any other company. I made the personal choice of picking out the press printed option for my photo books because of the flexible pages and because the photo print is high grade using HP indigo printers. I also decided to order some Canvas Gallery Wraps for my personal office space. The Canvas Gallery Wraps are prints on a canvas gallery mount. I love this look and hoped the quality would turn out to be as good as it looks like online. I found the prices at Black river imaging all affordable and well within my price range. After realizing just how little I had spent on their website I went back and purchased another photo book for a friends wedding that I had recently photographed. I also decided to splurge on an album box in a tapestry fabric with a matte finish.

I waited in anticipation for my order to arrive. It came promptly and was well and securely packaged upon delivery. To my surprise I saw that the photo books that I had ordered were of even more superior quality than I could have hoped for. The images were amazingly clear and lustrous, never over or underexposed. The Photographs were brilliantly clear and absolutely stunning. Their bindings were secure and the cover with a flawless modern finish was polished and lovely. Next I viewed my new canvas gallery wraps. I was afraid that they may appear somewhat grainy in quality from enlarging my photographs so much. I was very much relieved to find that my new wall art was exquisitely clear and well made. I could not possibly be any happier with the purchases that I made at I must say that they are far superior in quality product when comparing their images to other companies that I have tried in the past. Black river images is the best company to use for any truly discriminating artist or photographer. Black river images are my new go-to resource for fine quality, beautiful products at affordable and budget friendly prices.

Photographs Are Pockets of Emotion

What happens to you when someone hands you a photo? Your reaction may be anything from indifference to an overwhelming burst of emotion. Not only is the photograph a pocket of emotion it is a portal to a flood of forgotten memories and feelings.

More than 60% of the world’s inhabitants are visual by nature and it is how most of us interact with our environment. Advertisers learned long ago that if you included a beautiful woman in a picture of a new car you would sell more cars, but what they were really selling was an image that was already buried in your mind that was attached to personal feelings and emotions. Even in the days before TV and motion pictures during the time of radio, broadcasters and narrators would paint a picture for you with words. Deep emotion always has an image and a memory tied to it.

Imagine yourself taking a leisurely stroll in the country fully relaxed and open to the sights, smells, and sounds that surround you. At some point you will stop for a moment to take in your surroundings, what you are doing is taking a mental photograph of what you are seeing. Your eyes are the lenses of the camera and your memory the film. You are focusing on different aspects of the surroundings and composing the best possible mental picture that you will enjoy and share with others later. What you see has special meaning for you and is a combination of what is now and what was before you come to this place.

As a species it is within our nature to collect everything, to try and hang onto as much of the past as we can. After all for better or worse we are a culmination of our past experiences. We have been molded with each stroke of the brush or the cut of the sculptor’s tool to become the unfinished product we now experience as self.

My photographic passion is to record time in the images of old houses, farm buildings, machines, fields and images, and rusty gold representing the rural life. The images for me represent not what is now, but what once was. The old farm houses had life in them; man and women united as one to create life around them. Farms are always about new life renewing itself. The old barns were warm with the body heat of the animals that lived within, and the fields lush with sprouting hay and dotted with trees and the promise of fresh fruit at harvest.

When I come to an abandoned farm and have my first look at it, I am frozen on the spot unable to lift my camera and begin shooting. My first emotion is one of elation having found this treasure which quickly turns to sadness and tears as I begin to imagine the life that once was.

Pictures live forever in the minds of the survivors, long after we’re gone. A few mega pixels on a monitor is not the same as holding the photograph in your hands. The touch of the paper is the connection that begins your visual journey. Your emotions are as physical as the printed paper in your hand and the photo is the key that opens the flood gates.

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How To Improve Your Photography Business

There are plenty of places to go to find tips on photography whether you are a professional photographer or not. But what about business tips for a photographer? There is so much competition out there and you are not only competing with other photographers but you also have to compete with anyone who believes they can take great pictures on their phone or digital camera.

So how can you compete while also running a successful business? Here are a few things you can do:

1. Understand your craft: Whether it is the actual art of taking photos, the technology you are using or any other area of the craft you need to learn as much as you can. How do you take a great picture at different times of the day? The sun can be a benefit or a bully when trying to get the perfect shot and you need to know how to make adjustments.

2. Keep things organized: You will be taking hundreds of photos, talking with dozens of clients and potential clients and if you are unorganized it will hurt your business. You do not want to lose track of photos someone is trying to pay you for.

3. Build an online gallery: Whether you have a website or not you need to take advantage of social media and all it has to offer. You will be branding your name and the name of your company so you need to show off. Have social media profiles with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and so forth. These profiles will allow you to show off your talents and network, advertise to people who could bring you a lot of work.

4. Let others show off too: When people have professional photos taken they want to show them off. Let them post it on their social media sites and tag you in it. This is the best form of marketing because you aren’t doing any of the work and it doesn’t cost you anything. You also want to make sure you socialize with your customers, develop a good relationship with them because they can become lifetime clients.

5. Less is more: You will be swamped with plenty of work to do so the less you have to do, the better. Hire a company that can eliminate some of your hassles such as a framing company. They can print out your photos, frame and deliver them to your client and it doesn’t cost you anything because all you have to do is add it to your bill to the client. Companies like these can become a huge advantage, not only in helping you to save time but helping to make your photos look even better.

You will certainly have your share of competition to deal with when starting and running a photography company. Be patient and learn your craft and your talents will make more sales for you than anything else. Photos are meant to be shown off so the better job you do the more word of mouth business you will get.

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Basics in Abstract Photography

Abstract photography and abstract art are very popular and involve a merchandise trade of billions of dollars over a century. Most art galleries and exhibitions as well as photography events are never complete without a section on this form of depiction.

Every year thousands of art students and photographers follow courses all over the world and try to vent their thoughts and ideas in the form of their own interpretation. In fact, abstract photography is a direct outcome of the earlier abstract art form that was made famous by many noted artists. Nearly everyone at some point of time has had a brush with this genre of photography and as we will see later in this article, has appreciated or collected the abstract photographs.

What is it really and is it the same as Abstract Art?

As the name implies “abstract” denotes what can be interpreted but not seen. The art form is many times debated to be complex and difficult to understand. Yet it attracts a horde of art critics and art collectors from every part of the globe, and several interpretations may accompany abstract paintings. Similarly, abstract photography draws the same popularity except it is done with a camera and not with brush and paint!

The exact definition of this art is difficult but it is sufficient to understand that there are no rules or norms for creating and in layman terms “anything goes” as long as it appeals to the eye! The photography technique is used to capture almost any event in a subtle manner such as a drop of water splattering in a pool to look like a crown or a piece of hemp rope at close quarters that looks like a striated bundle etc. The composition is immaterial; it is only the way a scene (really a photograph) is captured on film. The interpretation may come later.

How is abstract photography carried out?

It is necessary to have a professional high speed camera and sometimes a special high speed film. The best results can be obtained by using a black and white film and many valuable photographs are of this monochrome variety. The following aspects need to be kept in mind:

A perfect understanding of conventional photographic principles regarding shutter speed, aperture, focusing, film speed and lighting effects.

Telephoto lenses and close up lenses and flash equipment form a part of certain trick effects one wishes to create.

Films of different types like color, black and white, speed in ASA or DIN, tripod stands, remote shooting, filter lenses, shadow hoods etc.

Abstract photography is really the prerogative of a true artist and one who also has a scientific bent of mind. Composing a perfect shot requires the “artist” and taking the photograph requires the “technician”! Imagination knows no bounds and the best results are when one uses creative powers to its full capacity.

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How to Become a Street Photographer

Street photography is probably one of he most difficult genres of photography, as it is based on the unknown. You can select a frame shot, but you can never select the characters in it or how they will behave to make your picture look good. In modern terms you could call street photography an art snapshot. It is a snapshot after all.

There are street photographers who are like ghosts. You don’t notice them and you certainly don’t notice them photographing you. They carry small cameras and they have learned the trick of focusing the lens by judging the distance between the subject and the camera and adjusting the focus ring based on that distance. Basically, they shoot from the hip, with wide lenses to compensate for framing defects as they don’t actually see the frame, they can only guess it. With such a behavior, it is normal not to see them. They are not paparazzi, but the people tend to control themselves when a person aims a camera at them. By shooting without their knowledge, you can capture genuine expressions which are the heart of street photography.

Stalk people. It’s not illegal on the street. See a person you like, walk with them, follow them until you can get a shot of them. Go for public places so you won’t get the police on your head. Try to follow facial expressions and move like lightning when one that you like comes up. It’s all in the expression, and that’s what you’re supposed to be hunting. Never take close shots. Make the subject and the surroundings a part of your composition. Some bland in, some stand out, but that’s the diversity and the fun of it. A suit and tie in an abandoned factory looks better than a homeless in an abandoned factory. Contrast is the key.

Carry small equipment. Do not go street photographing with big heavy cameras and lenses that look like bazookas, people will notice you right away. Use small cameras, the smallest possible, because quality is not an issue. the best street photography in the world has some of the worst image quality as well.

Always ask for permission afterward. Take your shots, then talk to your subjects. It is extremely unfair and annoying to them to find out they were photographed later on, when your work becomes public. Respect them and, if required, respect their privacy.

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